20100621_mohnfeldfeldmochinger_see_9829_b.jpgBorn in 1985 in the Ore Mountains of Saxony, in the eastern part of Germany, I moved around a couple of times and ended up in Munich in 2006 job wise. Here I spend most of my free time with indulging in my two greatest passions: traveling and taking pictures!

While studying at the school of nursing, in my free time I discovered the fascination of digital photo technology. Originally being a convinced Hobby-Analog-Photographer, I educated myself on this topic and began making first experiences with computers, Photoshop and of course different digital cameras to get skilled in these fields.

My opinion about digital photography has been radically changed since.

Now most of my pictures are shot with a Nikon D700, some lenses, and several accessories like a tripod, external flash, remote control release and filters.

Because the whole equipment is heavy and needs a lot of space in the backpack, especially when hiking, biking or traveling, I always try not to carry too much stuff with me .....which is definately not as easy as it may seem! ;-)

In the past few years, I took thousands of pictures, many of them still dozing untouched on my hard drive because my time is limited. Now I´m glad to have the opportunity to present a small selection of my best photographically captured moments and am very happy, to welcome you on my website.

If you have any questions regarding my pictures or the website, please don´t hesitate to contact me! You can use the
contact form. Also feel free to share your opinion by commenting or writing in my guest book.

And now have fun with checking out the site!

Sebastian Frölich


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